7 DIY Creative Ideas for Couples Costumes

Halloween is a time to dress-up but often we can’t think of a great couples costumes. Over at Cafe Mom, she shares some simple costumes. Take a look at these clever couples costumes.

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1Netflix and Chill

How can you not like Netflix and Chill? So easy, a t-shirt with lettering. Take a belt you own and add the Netflix logo. You could finish this costume in less than an hour.

credit Instagram Dating Divas

2Strike of Lighting

This one makes us laugh. Take an old white shirt and have fun creating some lighting strike holes. The lighting bolt could easily be made from foam or fabric.

credit-Julie Franklin Fitness Instagram

3Barbie & Ken

This is a take on the iconic Barbie and Ken dolls. Grab some cardboard and make these boxes for your costume. These will be a great conversation starter.

credit-stephikruse Instagram

480’s Aerobic Instructors

Most of the items are probably in your closet, ok maybe not the leotard.  Grab a sweatband, fanny pack, and don’t forget the white socks for the complete look.

credit – Instagram sillyreggie

5Paula Deen and Butter

If you’ve watched a Paula Deen cooking show, everything is better with butter. Snag your grandma’s apron, an empty carton of butter, and you’ve got a costume.

credit -katie_bouse/ instagram

6Board Game Operation

A take on the classic board game- Operation. A pair of scrubs, a long sleeve shirt, and a few cut-outs makes this a simple fun costume.

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7Burglars from “Home Alone”

What about Harry and Marv, the burglars from Home Alone? Visit your local thrift store for overcoats, and shirts. Use red makeup for the scarring on their face for all of their mishaps. You could even carry a flashlight.