7 Brentwood Restaurants Cited for Underage Alcohol Sales

alcohol compliance check

Seven Brentwood restaurants face hearings before the Beer Board following a sting operation on Tuesday, February 27, 2018. The sting was conducted by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) with assistance by the Brentwood Police Department.

The TABC issued misdemeanor citations following the sale of alcohol to an underage informant who went into the restaurants, ordered alcohol and was served. The informant visited 19 restaurants within the Brentwood City Limits. Of those locations visited, seven sold beer to the under-21 informant.

Four of those restaurants checked the informant’s identification, but sold anyway. The other three  did not check the informant’s ID.

The restaurants include:

  • Jeffersons, 214 Ward Circle
  • Hanabi, 214 Ward Circle
  • Bricks, 330 Franklin Road
  • Stout, 400 Centerview Drive
  • Local Taco, 146 Pewitt Drive
  • 55 South, 7031 Executive Center Drive
  • Burger Fi, 7010 Executive Center Drive

The City of Brentwood Beer Board will hold hearings in April for consideration of the alleged violations.