7 Huge Williamson County Projects Under Construction








7. Carothers Crossing East

Life Time Fitness is the centerpiece on the 21.7-acre property on the corner of Carothers Parkway and Old Liberty Pike. The total-package fitness mega-center will open after almost two years of construction.

Currently, a preview center is set up on the property while construction finishes up. They will be offering “virtual tours” of the coming center and building up membership. So, head there now if you are interested in being one of the first members.

The two-story, 120,000-square-foot facility will offer dance, art, music and tumbling studios, an indoor and outdoor pool, water slide, cafés, basketball courts and a full-service salon and spa. Plans for Carothers Crossing East, which is just south of the huge Ovation mixed-use development site, include a second, 48,000 square-foot building for retail and office space, approved by the Franklin Municipal Planning Commission in October of 2015.

Construction, which started with design work last April and continues, will proceed in two phases.

In May 2016, Franklin Synergy Bank loaned $24 million to SouthStar, the developer for the project, which has an address of 1214 Liberty Pike.

SouthStar bought the land in late 2015 for $11 million.

Glen Wilson of SouthStar said the bank loan is sufficient to fund overall site work and also the Life Time facility. Future development on the property would need additional financing.

Life Time has 118 other locations around the country and Canada, most of which operate 24 hours a day.Options of programs Life Time offers include: basketball, cycle, group fitness, kids, life clinic, life spa, pilates, racquetball, run, squash, swim, tennis, training, weight loss, yoga, life cafe, kids academy, athletic events and medispa.

Registration for membership can be done online also.



  1. Great update. Thanks. Did you forget one? There is dirt moving on the southeast corner of Peytonsville Rd and I-65. This is the Berry Farm / Fleming Property. What is the mix on this property? What is the time schedule?

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