6 Ways to be Active Outdoors While Staying Cool

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If you haven’t noticed, summer is in full swing. Especially with the limitations and gym limitations due to COVID-19, the demand for outdoor sports and fitness equipment is steadily growing. But between the humidity and sizzling summer sun here in middle Tennessee, exercising outdoors means that dehydration and overheating are very real possibilities. We’ve gathered a list of summer-approved ideas to stay active while also staying cool.

From pool aerobics to SUP (stand-up paddle boarding to the uninitiated), the water can provide much-needed relief from the heat while giving you a cardio boost. If you’d like to try a water-based activity, stop by Play it Again Sports ~ Brentwood, in Cool Springs, on your way to the lake to gear up with lifejackets, paddles, waterskies, or surfboards. We often stock canoes and kayaks, too.

Speaking of the lake, warmer weather gives you an excuse to break out the volleyballs and set up on the beach for the afternoon. Warm up with some sprints in the sand before hitting the court. Don’t forget to take frequent breaks to avoid heat exhaustion. May we suggest Percy Priest Lake?

Explore the woods
Take cover from the scorching weather by heading into the shade of the forest. Choose a trail with steep inclines to challenge yourself, but first make sure you have the proper footwear to match the intensity of your hike. Or, plot a course with a cool waterfall as your destination. Either way, pack extra water in case of an emergency and bring a cooling towel to maintain a normal body temperature.

If the temperatures are too hot to handle, grab a helmet and take your bike for a spin. With a refreshing breeze blowing in your face as you pedal, you’ll almost forget you’re getting a workout! But in reality, cycling improves joint mobility, targets your quadriceps and hamstrings, and builds your endurance. Ready to up your bike game? Come talk to our bike experts at Play it Again Sports ~ Brentwood to see what bike best suits you.

We are increasing our bike inventory for the summer, so now is the time to get cash for the bikes gathering dust In your garage. Find out how our buying process works here. Consider it a… summer cleaning?

Hot yoga
The heat has come to you. Take advantage of warmer temperatures and bring your practice out into nature. Holding long poses helps to stabilize and strengthen your muscles while requiring attentive mental discipline. The heat also has a purifying element and will help to clear pores by releasing sweat from the skin. The warmth allows your muscles to stretch safely so that you can improve your range of flexibility.

Short HIIT workouts
Pro tip: exercising outdoors in hot weather burns more calories than in your standard workout environment because it takes your body more energy to cool down. However, it’s important not to be exposed to heat and UV rays for long periods of time. We suggest condensed workouts, like this one from Shape, to maximize your limited time outdoors. Focus on resistance training (like dips and plank holds) over movements that will quickly drain your energy (like running or burpees).

We hope you feel inspired! Leave a comment below if there is an outdoor fitness idea that we missed. Stay cool out there…

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