6 Ways Pets Increase Our Home’s Feng Shui Energy

Feng Shui

by Amanda Gates
Gates Interior Design

When it comes to our furry friends we love them like family, but did you know they add to our feng shui lives? Yup, they make our lives better, and anyone who has ever owned a pet knows this. Like most living things a pet’s energy effects us and vice versus. Stagnant energy is one of the most harmful components in feng shui and animals greatly reduce it. Here are 6 ways animals enhance our homes and our lives:

1) Love
There is no love like that of an animal. It is the purest form of love and adoration anyone could experience. They love you good times and bad, are always happy to see you and sense when you are down, making your day a little brighter. Even during the worst day your pet is there for you to lift your spirits and give you much needed l.o.v.e.

cat2) Security
Harley,the cat, doesn’t really apply here….he would much rather love up on you as no man is an enemy in his eyes, but dogs and cats provide security in all forms. Did you see the video recently of a dog harming a child in his own driveway? The family cat leaped into action to save the day. Animals are extremely loyal creatures and when their owners are in harms way they will often step up to the plate in unexpected ways.


3) Yang Energy
Animals are active. They bark, meow, swim, run, and hall butt through the house when they are happy. Nothing stirs up energy better than an animal. And nothing lifts your spirits than to see your pet jumping around and happy. When Harley throws his mouse up in the air or brings it upstairs to share with us nothing makes us laugh harder.

4) Nurturing
Animals take care of us in more ways than one. They make us happy, laugh and share our tears. They tend to us as we do to them. Taking care of an animal is one of the best feng shui tools in a home. As you care for them they care for you, a great lesson when learning goals and intentions. In order to gain clarity you must tend to your goals.

5) Friendly and Inviting
Nothing welcomes a guest into your home or office more than an animal. When I had my retail studio a few years back, Harley was a swift addition. I adopted him from the local shelter and was amazed at how he boosted moral and eased everyone in the office. The mailman, UPS gal, and other tenants quickly became our friends. I even had clients who would stop by to give him toys and say hello. Everyone,including myself, loves Harley.

cat 26) Feng Shui Lucky Charms
Pets are known in feng shui to symbolize not only good energy but cats are considered good for financial luck and dogs help to boost and infuse energy in a home.

No matter the argument, pets,hands down, are a great way to boost a home. They are great for children and adults. Living on a two-acre farm, I grew up with animals my entire life. We had horses, cats, guinea pigs, fish and more. Over the years I have learned that having animals in my life not only make me happier but mellow me out. They help put our lives in perspective and teach us what is most important, love and family.

Do you have pets? Post their names below and tell me why you love having having pets in your home!

Amanda Gates
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