6 Pumpkin Games for Your Family

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Pumpkin Games

We’ve shared ways to use your fall pumpkin; check out our previously published recipe and decor ideas. In this article, we explore some fun games, using pumpkins that your kids will love. Even when Halloween is over, the fun doesn’t have to be! These games are a great way to put your pumpkins to use before you are ready to throw them out. You can even host these games at an upcoming fall party.

Pumpkin Ring Toss

pumpkin toss

Pumpkin Bowling

This examples uses butternut squash as the “pins,” but you can also use toilet paper or paper towels.pumpkin bowling

Pumpkin Bean Bag Tosspumpkin bean bag toss

Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

This is a cute way to use your mini pumpkins or gourds. If you have a lot of larger pumpkins, you can even make a life size tick tac toe board, in which players would have to carry their pumpkins and place them on the board.

Pumpkin tic tac toe

Pumpkin Pong Pumpkin Ping Pong Toss

Pumpkin Golf


Pumpkin Golf

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