6 More WCS Students Achieve Perfect ACT Composites

From WCS inFocus

Six more Williamson County Schools students can check the ACT off of their to-do list after earning perfect composite scores on the exam.

The ACT, which measures student preparedness for college, has four sections: English, math, reading and science. Each section is graded on a scale that tops out at 36. The composite score is the average of all four section scores.

“Scoring a composite of 36 on the ACT puts a student among the academic elite,” said WCS Assessment Analyst Kevin Deck. “Out of the district’s graduating Class of 2017, 0.69 percent earned a 36. That’s five times the national rate, and preliminary reports suggest the Class of 2018 will be just as successful.”

The students who can claim this academic achievement are:

  • Brentwood High rising senior Caroline Overton
  • Centennial High rising senior Rhea Zaverchand
  • Franklin High rising senior Grace Simpson
  • Ravenwood High rising senior Emily Lu
  • Ravenwood High rising senior Daniel Pert.

In addition, Ravenwood High rising senior Grace Sullivan achieved a “perfect 36,” meaning she scored a full 36 points in each section of the exam.

“Scoring a 36 on the ACT is quite the achievement, but a select few will earn a ‘perfect 36’ score where the student scores 36 on all four subject tests,” Deck said. “To date, out of the 22 incoming seniors who have earned a score of 36, only three have a ‘perfect 36.’”

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