6 Milkshakes to Cool Off with This Summer

Burger Up

It’s hot and you need a milkshake! Check out our list of local places to grab a shake with a couple of boozy options to make your shake an adult beverage.

1. Grilled Cheeserie

Griled Cheeserie

334 Main St, Franklin

The newly opened Grilled Cheeserie in downtown Franklin boasts a few shakes on their menu year-round with the peanut butter cup, cookies n’ cream dream with house baked dark chocolate cookie crumble, and Tiramasu with sweet cream ice cream, cream cold brew coffee, mascarpone, lady finger crumble and cacao powder.

Learn more about the Grilled Cheeserie here. 

2. Burger Up

Burger Up

401 Cool Springs Blvd B, Franklin

Burger Up offers several milkshakes from strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, oreo, oreo mint, coffee, Reese cup, and banana. There’s even vegan chocolate option. For those looking to make it boozy, you have several options, one Burger Up recommends is adding Maker’s Mark Whisky to the chocolate milkshake.

Learn more about Burger Up here. 

3. Ground Restaurant

Ground Restaurant

330 Mayfield Dr D4, Franklin & 1409 West Main St., Suite 301, Franklin

The locally-owned restaurant now has two locations in Franklin. You can find two sizes of milkshakes, regular and large with two mainstay flavors of vanilla and chocolate. But there’s always a seasonal flavor to try.

Learn more about Ground here.

4. Highway 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries

Highway 55

7240 Nolensville Rd, Nolensville & 2041 Wall Street, Spring Hill

At Highway 55 they use frozen custard for their shakes, you can select from the classic flavors, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate or create your own flavor combination from their menu of add-ins  All milkshakes are topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

Learn more about Highway 55 here. 

5. Franklin Burger

Burger Up
credit- Burger Up

1109 Davenport Blvd #500, Franklin

There are two menus for milkshakes at Franklin Burger, the classic flavors of vanilla bean, strawberry blonde, milk chocolate, oreo, and oreo mint. For those wanting a little extra- choose from Frothy Lama, vanilla bean milkshake with Whisper Creme, Goodnight Gorilla, chocolate shake with Kahlua, and Tequila, Angry Grasshopper has vanilla, Creme de Menthe liquor, and Absolut Vodka.

Learn more about Franklin Burger here.

6. Puckett’s Gro. & Restaurant


120 4th Ave S, Franklin

It’s a combination of local resources – Hattie Jane’s ice cream with Hatcher Dairy milk making for the perfect milkshake. Choose from vanilla or chocolate. The menu features a boozy option with Corsair vanilla vodka.

Learn more about Puckett’s here.