50 Kilos of Cocaine Seized in Nashville

from Metro Nashville Police Department

A six-month investigation into the lucrative upper echelon of a Nashville cocaine distribution network led to Thursday’s seizure of more than 50 kilograms (in excess of 100 pounds) of Mexican cocaine. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash has also been seized, as well as 20 vehicles, 2 motorcycles, and 13 guns. Nine persons are jailed locally on charges of engaging in a cocaine conspiracy.  They are being held in lieu of $500,000 bond each.

“The cocaine seized in this investigation posed a real and significant threat to public safety in the neighborhoods where it was to be distributed,” Chief Steve Anderson said.  “Drug operations such as this frequently breed violent crime, including armed robberies and gunfire, as persons try to acquire a cut of the large sums of money associated with kilo quantities of cocaine.”

All totaled, this case has resulted in the seizure of 75.5 kilograms of cocaine valued in excess of $2.6 million from locations in the Nashville area and Dallas, Texas.  More than 20 search warrants were executed Thursday in the local area.

This case represents Nashville’s largest cocaine seizure since January 2008, when 70 kilograms of cocaine were seized from a private airplane at Nashville International Airport. The money count from Thursday’s 20+ search warrants was  $921,647.89.

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