5 Ways to Utilize the Barn Door Trend

barn door trend

by Heather Listhartke

If you’ve ever seen HGTV or heard of the show “Fixer Upper”, you may have heard and become familiar with Joanna Gaines’ love for the rustic farm style that often includes using barn doors in a unique way. This style has become increasingly popular, especially in the South, as people build and remodel their houses.

“Barn door kits give DIY seekers the flexibility to customize the look for their specific project.” said Ray Novelly, general manager of Classic Doors, who carries the barn door kits. If you have been considering this style and really want to incorporate it uniquely into your house, here are five ways to do that.

barn door trend1. Creative Separation Between Two Spaces
While there are many ways to use the barn door style, perhaps the most popular is by separating two spaces with them. Using doors in this way creates a focal point that can look both rustic and modern.

“It’s both the sliding hardware and the door, together or separately, that can create a ‘look’ for any decor,” Novelly said. “People even use sliding barn doors as window treatments.” Like in the picture above, they can be used to separate a bedroom and bathroom, but it can be used in many other instances. Many people also like using barn doors as a door to a pantry or walk-in closet. In tight spaces, a barn door can be a great solution when you don’t have room to navigate around an open hinges door. If you’re looking to make use of the space efficiently while also trying to add some spice to the room, this may be a perfect option for you.

barn door headboard2.Headboard
You can bring the barn door trend into your bedroom by creating a barn door headboard. You can completely customize your headboard with lighting, hardware, decor or if you’re using a great piece of reclaimed wood, leave it bare to show off the uniqueness of the doors.

barn door table3.Dining Room Farm Style Table
Another unique way to use the barn door style is to create that ever-popular farm style table. Many people like to sand down and polish a barn door to give it that pure hardwood style, but others prefer placing glass on top to give it a little more finished look. Whatever you decide to do, tables like this can seat a large number of people making it perfect for those family get-togethers or entertaining friends. As a side note, you can also make a nice island for your kitchen, as shown.

4. Beautiful Entry to Your House
The barn door style is not only great for interior doors, but also exterior doors as they add curb appeal and interest to your entry. Whether you want something with windows or just the plain barn door, both look equally pleasing and are easily customizable to fit your needs and wants.

“Changing our or adding door embellishments and new hardware can give an existing plain entry door a new look and feel.” Novelly said. “Door hinges, unique handle sets, and decorative hardware come in unlimited styles and finishes .” Like the picture above, the homeowner added a lot of windows and used black hardware to give their door a barn-like feel.barn door entry
barn door gate5.Decorative Outdoor Gate
One unique way to bring attention to the yard and landscaping is creating spaces with sliding doors. Some people have brought the barn style to their yard by creating a unique outdoor gate. The picture to the right shows the use of traditional doors on a barn-like slider to create an absolutely stunning entry to a garden or the perfect outdoor entertaining area.

Visit Classic Doors  in Nashville to learn what style of door is perfect for your home.

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