As the holidays near, it seems we have less and less time for ourselves as we prepare for holiday parties, visiting with family, traveling, etc… During the holidays, it can be difficult (maybe even seem impossible at times) to keep up with our weekly routine. If you usually workout each week, you may be finding it hard to keep your exercise routine intact. Here are some tips on keeping your workouts consistent during the holiday craziness.

1.Make a schedule and stick to it

With so much on our plate this time of year, making a schedule is absolutely necessary. Having a written schedule makes you more productive, because you don’t have to remember everything that you need to do. You also feel more accomplished when things are done as you mark them off.

2.Plan Ahead

If you know a particular day or a week is going to be busy, plan ahead for those hectic moments. Make a plan to get your exercise in around those vacations and other busy days.

3. Squeeze in Smaller Workouts

When your time is really limited, it might be easier to squeeze in a shorter workout rather than one long workout. The YMCA has some great suggestions for quick workouts that you can do anywhere. Here are a few of our favorites:

Kickboxing 101
Barre Burn
Increase Your Intensity

Each workout details step by step instructions for completing the workout plus has videos for every step. For more short workout options, visit the YMCA of Middle Tennessee site HERE.

4.Start Your Day with Exercise

One of the easiest ways to squeeze in some exercise into your day is to begin your day doing something active. Beginning the day with some exercise can help you mentally and physically prepare for your day and during the holiday season, we all need an extra boost. Also, many people who start their day with exercise end up with more energy throughout the day.

5.Recruit a Buddy

One of the things that gets overlooked so often is having a workout buddy to keep you on track. Having an accountability system will keep you going even on the days where you might be tempted to skip because you are too busy or too tired. Feeling like you need to spend time with your friend for something that is preplanned might just help you get out there.

This fitness news is brought to you by the YMCA. Visit the YMCA website for exercise tips, a list of classes, nutrition guidance and more.

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