5 Ways to Keep Wine Fresh After Opening

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5 Ways to Keep Wine Fresh After Opening

“Life is too short to drink bad wine.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Leftover wine” sounds like a contradiction but let’s be honest, leftover wine happens. Sometimes we simply want to indulge in a glass or two of our favorite bottles in hopes that when we are ready to consume the remaining amount of wine it will taste as good as when we first opened it. Nothing hurts more than watching wine drain down the sink because it is spoiled. We want to help wine lovers everywhere solve this problem. So we did some research and found the best ways to preserve that opened bottle of wine so it tastes fresh as long as possible.

So, what exactly makes wine go bad? The culprit: oxygen. Wine requires a delicate balance of oxygen exposure. An appropriate amount of oxygen is critical in the fermenting process and helps to boost flavors and aromas of a wine once it is opened; however, too much oxygen exposure will turn wine into vinegar. Wines that are exposed to more oxygen during the vinification process will typically last longer once opened, such as orange and white wines. Essentially, preserving your favorite bottle of opened wine comes down to the type of wine you choose and the ability to minimize oxygen exposure.

5 Ways to Keep an Opened Bottle of Wine Fresh

1Always Recork Wine

Recorking the bottle immediately after pouring each glass is very important. It limits the amount of contact oxygen has with your wine and keeps the flavor fresh, longer.

2Store in Dim Light

Avoiding natural light will assist in your opened bottle of wine lasting longer. Natural light from the sun can help build up heat within the bottle, speeding up the oxidation process.

3Keep Your Wine Bottle Tilted

Most wine bottle holders are tilted, this is with a good reason. The tilt of a holder prevents the bottle from laying flat. This tilted position helps to minimize surface area that is exposed to oxygen, slowing down the oxidation process.

4Refrigerate Your Leftover Wine

You can slow down the oxidation process by placing your wine bottle in the refrigerator after you are done pouring your glass. The coolness of the refrigerator will not stop oxidation completely but will significantly slow it down.

5Invest in a Wine Preserver

A vacuum pump will remove some excess air from the bottle once you pull that cork. Place it at the top of the wine stopper and pull it up and down until you hear a click. This click indicates the bottle has reached optimal depressurization. A vacuum pump can easily add a few days onto the life of your opened wine.

How to Ensure a Fresh Taste Every Time

There are a lot of ways to ensure your wine stays fresh after opening it but always remember we here at JJs Wine Bar, located at 206 E Main St in downtown Franklin, are here to provide you with a fresh sip every time. Whether you order a bottle or a single glass, we guarantee a superior experience every time. Come by or call us at 615-942-5033.