Some nutritionists and doctors recommend that you drink eight 8oz glasses of water per day, while others suggest that you should drink half your weight. Either way it’s a lot of water and it can be difficult to make sure we are drinking enough water, but drinking water is one of the most important parts of staying healthy. Here are 5 simple tricks that might help you to drink more water.

Turn your water bottle into a timer and/or tracker system

This is pretty simple. Mark lines on your water bottle for every 8 oz so that you know exactly how much you should have sipped by different points throughout the day. You can even mark your water bottle with goals – a quarter of the way complete by 9:00 AM, halfway at noon, and three-quarters of the way by 3:00 PM, for instance.

Sip, don’t gulp

Have you ever chugged a huge bottle or glass of water, but then felt bloated afterward? Instead of chugging, you should sip your water throughout the day. Sipping can help you feel more hydrated throughout the day and it’s better to stay ahead of the curve as opposed to waiting until you’re dying of thirst and chugging lots of water.

Drink before and after meals

For many, a good way of remembering and consuming their daily water is to drink 12 oz of water before and after their meals. By following this piece of advice, you will consume 72 oz of water. Also, there’s some studies that suggest drinking water before a meal will help to curb your appetite and you will eat less.

Find your happy temperature

Some people hate hot water; others hate ice cold water. Some find that lukewarm or room temperature water makes the water taste better. The point is that you should find the temperature you like best. If you like it, you’re more apt to drink more of it.

Add flavor the right way

Flavoring your water the wrong way can mean that you’re adding unnecessary sugars to something that is supposed to be healthy. Adding herbs and lemon slices can give your water a nice flavor. If using herbs, muddle them with a wooden spoon to unlock their flavor. To add citrus, the peels can lend a bitter taste, instead use peeled fruits in your water.

Drinking water doesn’t have to be difficult. Just following a couple of these tips can help you increase your water intake, helping you stay healthy.

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