5 Ways to Keep Your Yard Healthy this Fall

man using backpack blower

With summer ending, you shouldn’t think that the lawn work has finished. Now that autumn is here, and winter is close behind, you are probably not outside doing much gardening or yard work. This is, however, one of the best times to prepare your yard for next spring. Here are five tips to make your yard even more amazing next year.

1.Continue Mowing: Make sure that you continue to mow your lawn and water it. When it is coming closer to the end of the season, drop the blade to your mower down to the lowest setting. This will allow sunlight to be able to reach the grass’s crown. You should do this for the last two cuttings of the year. Make sure that you aren’t cutting off any more than a third of the grass’s total length.

2.Aerate the Soil: This is the best time of year to aerate your lawn allowing more oxygen, fertilizer, and water to get to the roots. Use a walk-behind lawn aerator. This self-propelled machine will quickly make holes in the soil and extract the dirt.

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3.Remove Leaves: It is no fun to rake the leaves, but removing leaves from your yard is essential. Instead of raking leaves, consider using a backpack blower to quickly get rid of leaves in your yard, driveway and more. Tip: do not wait until the leaves have all fallen from the trees before taking care of them, as the leaves will become soggy from the rain and morning dew allowing them to stick together. This can form a mat of leaves that will suffocate the grass and breed fungal diseases.

4.Fertilize: If you fertilize only once a year, you should do it in the fall. Grass grows much more slowly when the weather gets cold, but the roots continue to proliferate. This fertilizer in the fall will deliver the essential nutrients allowing the grass to grow deeper roots. They also keep nutrients on reserve to help them start in the spring. Wait until at least mid-fall and apply a lawn fertilizer that is dry to all of the grassy areas. Make sure not to miss any spots.

5.Fix Bald Spots: Autumn is a great time of year to fix the bare, bald spots found in your lawn. The easiest way is to use an all in one lawn repair mixture. This is sold at many garden shops. It contains grass seed and a special quick start fertilizer as well as some organic mulch. Using a garden rake scratch loose the soil. Spread a thick layer of the mix over the area. Compact the mixture and water thoroughly.

If you don’t own the yard equipment needed to take care of these issues, you can rent equipment such as an aerator, backpack blower and mower from Franklin Rental for as little as 4 hours or as long as a month.

Many homeowners feel that a lawn needs less attention in the fall since the grass is growing slower, but the opposite is true. This is the time that your grass is busy absorbing energy, nutrients, and moisture preparing for the long dormant winter. If you give it attention now, you will be rewarded by having a lush and healthy lawn in the spring.

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