5 Unusual Museums to Visit

Museums are a great way to explore the history of a particular city or subject. When you think of museums, you may think of art or history museums, but these unique spots are definitely not your run-of-the-mill museum.

1JELL-O Gallery and Museum

Le Roy, NY

The Jell-O gallery and museum is a unique place featuring a ton of exhibitions dedicated to just Jell-O. Any lover of Jell-O, and who doesn’t love it, can watch it wiggle and jiggle at its birthplace. Exhibitions include 20 original JELL-O oil paintings from the 1920s, Original Advertising Art, Molds, Spoons, Toys, Collectibles, Recipe Books, Canadian Advertising Magazine Ads, Package Inserts, and Memorabilia.

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2Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum

Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum

San Antonio, TX

Few people are a fan of toilet seats but Barney Smith, a retired plumber and son of a plumber, took used seats and made them shine in this wonderfully unique museum located in San Antonio, Texas. Artwork, collages, and paintings now grace the lids, displayed in the museum of his garage where he created the 1,000-plus pieces. There are toilet seat memorials for JFK, 9/11, Mount St. Helens (with ash from the volcano), a marijuana leaf seat signed by San Antonio’s police chief and many others.

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3Museum Of Bad Art

museum of bad art

Boston area, MA

Bad art doesn’t usually get any recognition except perhaps from the kind parent, but this unique museum is completely dedicated to bad art. The Massachusetts Museum Of Bad Art under the slogan of “art too bad to be ignored” features works that otherwise wouldn’t receive recognition. Their mission to bring the worst of art to the widest of audiences has been continued since 1994. Though their gallery is currently closed for renovations, you can check out some of their more than 800 pieces of art online.

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4Chaffee Barbershop Museum

chaffee barbershop museum

Fort Smith, AR

While Mississippi and Memphis tend to get all the Elvis attention, this museum dedicates an entire museum to one haircut that the King had. Housed in the barbershop where the ‘momentous’ event took place, it is such a ludicrous idea for a museum that it goes full circle from being kitsch to actually being incredibly enjoyable due to its infectious enthusiasm for Presley. This is for the true fans of Presley or maybe just of historical haircuts.

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5Lunchbox Museum

Columbus, GA

Everyone remembers their favorite lunchbox. Many children want that perfect lunchbox that defines them and creates a conversation with their friends. The unique Lunchbox Museum, located in Columbia, Georgia, pays homage to the lunchbox and its role featuring dozens of metal lunchboxes that reveal our pop obsessions in decades past. If there’s one you really like, you just might find a replica for purchase in their shop. Check out this little piece of unique history.

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