5 Unique Finds from the Goodwill Online Auction Site

Lifetrak C410 24 hr Fitness Tracker
Have you ever wanted a fitness tracker but didn’t want to spend the nearly $100 that they often sell for? Here’s your opportunity to get a great deal on one. It’s still factory sealed and selling for under $5 currently. The auction ends Sunday evening. Bid now!

Hasbro Transformers Bumblebee Autobot
This autobot bought new is nearly $100 on Amazon or Ebay, but this is still factory sealed in box and selling for $8 on Goodwill. If you have a transformer fan who collects these, this can be a great addition and gift for them. The auction will end Sunday evening. Bid now!

Megellan Portable GPS Auto Navigation
Ever wanted or needed navigation in your car? Right now could be the time to make that need or want a reality. Goodwill currently has this for under $5, so if you want in on it, you’ll need your bid in on Sunday. Bid now!

Vintage Gilbert Erector Set No. 6 ½
This is an awesome set that is great for those vintage builders or collectors. Though the pieces have not been verified with this, there are many of the pieces available and everything, with a tlc, can be fixed up and made the perfect addition for any collection. You have until Sunday evening to make your bid. Bid now!

vintage erector setBeautiful Amethyst Beaded Necklace w/925 clasp
Is there someone in your life that loves amethyst? Is there a special birthday, anniversary, or some other special happening where this would make the perfect gift for that someone? The auction for this item ends tonight, Saturday Evening. Bid now!amethyst necklace

Visit the Goodwill auction site for these items and other unique must-haves. When you donate to or shop at Goodwill, you help change lives. When you donate to Goodwill, you help provide jobs and free job training services for thousands of Tennesseans. Once each item sells, the revenue from that sale supports Goodwill’s community-based employment and training programs. See one of the many Goodwill Success stories below:

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