5 Things You Did Not Know About St. Patrick’s Day

st. patrick

There are the things everyone knows about St. Patrick’s day. Iconic images and actions that comes to mind when you think about it: the color green. Shamrocks. Irish. Leprechauns. Rainbows. There is a parade. Something about St. Patrick kicking all the snakes out of Ireland. Green beer. Drinking. Drinking too much.

And then there are the reasons behind these things, that we don’t think about much if at all, because, well, because celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is so much fun.

So in the spirit of celebration, here are five little known facts about the holiday that might make your day a little more meaningful.







What is the story with Shamrocks?

This one is simple. St. Patrick, spreading the Catholic faith to villages and farms far and wide, used a handy tool. The always-around clover, and its three leaves, helped him explain the idea of the Holy Trinity.


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