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by Heather Listhartke

Being in a car wreck can be stressful, but picking a collision repair company doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 things to look for in a collision company.

1.Check for a warranty on repairs
If a collision repair company doesn’t offer a warranty on their workmanship and repairs, you should run and run fast! Reputable collision repair companies, typically offer lifetime warranties on their repairs. Of course, there are some limitations to this. They won’t cover it if you just wrecked your vehicle, but if you did everything possible to take care of it and it doesn’t live up to company standards; they will redo the repairs.

2.Do they use OEM parts and quality techniques?
You should also check to see that they use standard, advanced techniques of collision repairs and that they use factory standard (OEM) parts when replacing them. Typically, this comes with choosing a repair center that has a reputation for high quality and the ability to deal with specialized parts. The company will be proud of their facilities, staff, and technicians. Look for things like neatness, organization, and openness.

Some Questions to ask them include:
How much is my deductible?
If my frame is bent can my vehicle still be repaired?
Will you be able to match the original paint on my car?
Will the parts align with the rest of the vehicle?
Will the airbags be replaced?
What if damage is found during the repair that is not on the original estimate?
What do I do if my vehicle is not drivable?
Will I be provided with a rental car?
How long will repairs take?

3.Is the staff helpful and courteous, and the technicians experienced and trained?
When you talk to technicians and managers, they should be knowledgeable about their equipment and know how to explain it.

A friendly staff tells you that they appreciate the opportunity for your business and care about their level of service. You should receive the same level of service during phone conversations as you would person to person. The staff should treat their customers with respect and courtesy because dealing with repair is difficult enough.

Likewise, the technicians should be well trained and experience. Check out the company’s website and around the lobby for proudly displayed certifications that show their credentials and a level of advance training. They should be part of national certification programs and display professionalism in their communication and interactions between themselves and with customers.

4.Do they have a positive reputation online and are they members of professional organizations?
Take advantage of the world of online reviews. These will give you a good idea about experiences and the company’s reputation as someone to turn to for collision repair help, but don’t just rely on these. Online review boards have a wide variety of responses and just a glance through these makes you ask questions about the reviewer’s credibility. Add these experience with personal ones from your friends and family. Friends, families, and coworkers give reliable feedback about their experiences, and this gives you a good idea about how they really treat customers like you.
Also make sure their members are a part of professional organizations that certify high levels of experience, workmanship, and customer service.

5.Will they work with your insurance company?
Finally, make sure the collision repair center will work with your insurance company. This makes the repair experience more friendly and less stressful. Collision repair centers that work with insurance companies often simplify the process by working closely with the claims adjusters every step of the way to make sure everything is just right for you, the customer. This includes arranging for the initial and final inspections on your vehicle by the insurance company. Price’s Collision Centers works with almost all insurance companies, and streamlines the process for you the customer.

Remember that while your insurance company may recommend a shop, you can choose your own trusted company that will make sure the repairs are done right the first time, saving you money and time in the long run.

When you finally choose your collision repair center, you will feel confident that you made the right decision for getting your vehicle back on the road with the best possible repairs, a simplified process, and high quality service.

Price’s Collision Centers offers a warranty on workmanship and repairs, they use factory standard (OEM) parts, they are knowledgeable and will help make the repair process painless.

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