5 Things to Know about Mewsic Kitty Cafe

Mewsic Kitty Cafe

There’s a new trend, involving caffeine and cats, spreading across the country. With one open in Nashville and a second one to open in Murfreesboro later this fall, we are, of course, talking about cat cafes. Mewsic Kitty Cafe opened in Nashville back in April at 2519 Nolensville Pike, Nashville.

Owner/Founder of Mewsic Kitty Cafe, Maegan Phan said, “We wanted to open a catfe in Nashville because, well, there wasn’t one! I am a life-long cat enthusiast. When I heard about the cat cafe concept, I fell in love. As they grew in popularity throughout the U.S., I thought this was something that could be a big hit in Nashville, too. Catfes are a wonderful adoption experience for both cats and people. For those who love cats but can’t have one at home, they are a place to make new friends – feline and human, alike.”

Here are 5 Things You May Not Know about Mewsic Kitty Cafe that Phan shared with us.

1. What’s behind door #2?
Yep. We’re starting with a poop joke. There’s a closet door with a hole cut out near the bottom in our cat lounge near the Dolly Parton mural. Guests often get curious and occasionally try to open it. If they do, they might be met with a shocked kitty! Well, would you want someone barging in on you when you’re using the restroom? This is the door to one of our two litter areas in Mewsic Kitty. Keeping the area for cats only and cleaned regularly is what helps us keep things fresh with 15 kitties in house. Now you know.

2. All of the cats are available to adopt  (and please do NOT BYOC – bring your own cat!)
This is kind of our main thing but we still get questions about it. Yes, all of the cats at Mewsic Kitty are provided by our non-profit partner, Nashville Cat Rescue, and they are all adoptable. Adoption fees go directly back to NCR to help save more homeless kitties off the streets. While we may have a couple “house cats” in the future, right now every cat at the catfe is an in the market for a new gig – a forever family. Also, we are NOT a bring your own cat. Please don’t bring your cat or any other animal to Mewsic Kitty. While we’d love to see pictures of your feline friends, leaving them at home helps keep everyone healthy and happy.

3. Like all of the top headliners, our kitties have stage names!
A fun thing we don’t always get to mention is all of our kitty headliners receive musician or Nashville-inspired stage names. Though kitties come to us with a foster name, upon arrival they receive an extra moniker they keep for the duration of their residency at the catfe. They are the entertainment, after all! You may meet the likes of Meow Haggard, Hank Whiskers, or Dolly Pawton. While we try to keep the cat puns within the 6-1-5, we do branch out. We’ve had a Tom(cat) Petty, Jackson Meowne, Pawbert Plant, Alanis Morriscat, and Biggie Paws! All cats get their headshot taken with a Polaroid when they come to us and their stage name is written on the photo. You can view their photos and stage names on our “Meow Playing” wall at the catfe. Stage name suggestions are always welcome!

4. Walk-ins and all ages are welcome.
We do HIGHLY recommend booking in advance via our online booking system because we limit the number of participants in the lounge per hour. This is not only due to space but also in consideration of the kitties. Our regular Meet & Greets are limited to 15 people per hour. Some of our special events allow a few more since the cats aren’t the entire focus. That said, we happily take walk-ins whenever there is space by both the hour and half-hour. We welcome all ages at Mewsic Kitty. This is not common of all cat cafes but I was a cat-loving kid who understood how to treat cats so I wanted to give it a try. We simply ask that parents use their judgment regarding behavior, age, and risk of allergies (or a cat scratch!) Children who understand cats appreciate inside voices and nice pets (no tail pulling, chasing, throwing toys, picking up cats, etc), are welcome with an adult. We ask that there be one adult per every 2 children in your party.

5. Yoga is even more relaxing with cats. 
Mewsic Kitty hosts Cat Yoga every Purrsday (Thursday) evening from 6:00 – 7:30 pm. Instructors come from right down the street at Liberation Yoga and are excited to help you incorporate kitties into your practice. Yogis enjoy 45 minutes to 1 hour of yoga with 30 minutes of petting cats to follow. Don’t be surprised if one of our kitty headliners wants to join your flow – cats love yoga mats! We aren’t kitten around, science says cat purrs help lower blood pressure and ease stress. Bring your own mat and we’ll provide the cats.
Thanks so much for sharing your catfe facts with us, visit Mewic Kitty Cafe on Facebook for the latest updates.