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The countdown is on for Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin at Harlinsdale Farm. On Sunday, Sept 22, just as the sun sets, Foo Fighters will take the stage to close out the two-day festival. As you probably know, Dave Grohl was the drummer for Nirvana and after the death of his bandmate Kurt Cobain, Grohl formed The Foo Fighters. Here are five other things to know about the Foo Fighters.

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1The Name “Foo Fighter” is a Reference to a UFO

A “foo fighter” was a World War II-era term pilots used for UFOs. Also, the group’s record company, Roswell, refers to a New Mexico town where a flying saucer supposedly crashed in 1947.

Foo Fighter

2David Grohl is Almost Solely Responsible for Foo Fighters’ First Album

With the exception of one song, Grohl played all the instruments on Foo Fighters’ debut album. The exception is the song “X-Static” in which Greg Dulli from Afghan Whigs played guitar.

3They Have a Creative Rider

As with most bands, they have a rider. It was reported back in 2011, the band’s rider was a coloring book with activity pages, one was a word hunt for catering with a list of foods they don’t eat.

Foo Fighters

4Ohio Alley Named After Dave Grohl

Grohl was born in Warren, Ohio. Proud of the rocker’s heritage, they have created an alley named “David Grohl Alley” it’s where you will find a giant set of drumsticks weighing 900 lbs.

5Grohl Offered Job to Play With Tom Petty

Grohl joined Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for several performances. He even performed with the band on Saturday Night Live back in 1994 where he played drums. When asked to become a permanent member of the band, he turned it down to form Foo Fighters.