Price's Collision Center

by Heather Listhartke

Visiting a car collision center is never something someone looks forward to, but it doesn’t have to be a complicated, painful experience. Unfortunately, I’ve had first-hand experience with dealing with the aftermath of a car accident when my mom was in a car wreck. Lucky for me, I knew about Price’s Collision Centers. With their help, it was a stress-free experience (or as much of a stress-free experience as you can have when you are in a wreck). There were several things that Price’s did that made the experience an easier process and guaranteed that my mom ended up with a vehicle that was perfectly repaired.

Unlike many other collision repair companies, Price’s uses Hertz as their on-site rental company to make the process as smooth as possible when you have to be without your car. If your insurance was like my mom’s though and only covers the rental from certain companies, Price’s will call and arrange for other rental companies to bring you a rental.

Price’s also has a commitment to the manufacturer and to you, the customer, to always use Factory (OEM) Parts for all repairs. They want to get the vehicle back into factory condition for you, so that you have the same car that you had before the wreck. Using factory parts means that they are giving you the highest quality repair and they include lifetime warranties.

Their commitment to the perfect repair is also seen in the tools they use and  their company standards. Price’s Precision Lift, Precision Alignment, and diagnostic computers means that you get the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly repair possible while still guaranteeing that the repair is done right the first time.Price's Collision Centers

You may think that the building isn’t really that big of a deal, but their top of the line facilities were designed with the customer in mind and sought to streamline their services. From spaces dedicated to each step of the repair process from initial and final inspections to clean rooms dedicated to giving your car the best and most accurate paint job possible, and energy efficient lighting and tools that allow the technicians to check everything for accuracy and reduce overall costs, make things more economical in the long run.

The final part of their process is the most important, though. This is when they do their final inspections, detailing, and customer inspections. They handle everything from detailing your vehicle to making it look as good as new, arranging for the final approval from insurance companies and making sure that you are happy with the repairs.

If you need a car repair specialists, remember that Price’s Collision Centers is dedicated to giving you the best possible experience by ensuring that the repair is absolutely perfect.


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