5 Things to Know about the 2018 Leiper’s Fork Christmas Parade

Leiper's Fork Parade

 Leiper’s Fork had to delay ther Christmas parade from Saturday, December 8 to Saturday, December 15. If you’ve never attended this popular parade, we’ve put together a list of five things you need to know.

    1. Plan Ahead. There’s only one road into Leiper’s Fork so leave early to allow time for traffic. Like you may want to leave in the morning and enjoy the shops, grab some coffee and save your spot because it can take some time to get to the Fork.  There’s a large field with ample parking and you will be directed on where to park.
    2. See Kid Rock. News came out that Kid Rock will be in the Leiper’s Fork Christmas Parade. We confirmed with the parade organizers that he will indeed be a part of the parade with friends; Kid Rock was invited by friends to take part in the parade.
    3. Expect the Unexpected. This self-titled “Almost World Famous” parade has an array of local bands, floats, horses, cars, and some things you just have to see in person. It’s fun, wacky, and will put you in the holiday spirit.
    4. Grand Marshal is John Schneider.  For those who make a regular trip out to Leiper’s Fork, you’ve probably seen the General Lee greeting you as enter the quaint village. This year’s grand marshal is John Schneider, best known for his role on the Dukes of Hazzard where he played Bo Duke. We don’t have any confirmation on whether or not he will ride in the General Lee, but how can he not?
    5. There will be Snow. When the big guy in red (aka Santa) arrives, which is always at the end of the parade, there will be snow. Get ready, it’s a highlight of the parade. Then you can brag to your friends that you saw snowflakes on Saturday.

The parade starts promptly at 2 p. See the parade route below.

Leipers Fork Christmas


  1. Never been to Leipers Fork but I plan on attending the parade. I live in Savannah Tn. so I am an hour and 40 minutes away. I plan on bringing some people with me so they can enjoy the parade.

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