5 Super Bowl Commercials to Remember

Super Bowl
photo from NFL Instagram

The Super Bowl is today and football fans will watch as the Kansas City Chiefs take on Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but others will be watching the biggest game day of the year for the other part of the Super Bowl–the commercials. What may look different this year is that several companies have opted out of having a commercial during the big game. Read more about that here.

Although we may be missing some commercials this year, we’ve put together a list of some of the most memorable Super Bowl commercials.

1“Pepsi’s 1996 Cheatin’ Heart”

Watch as the Coca-Cola delivery man grabs a Pepsi from the cooler.

2McDonald’s “The Showdown” 1993

Long before the show Dude Perfect, was this commercial showing two great basketball players, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan.

3Volkswagen’s The Force (2011)

How can you not love this tiny Darth Vader as he attempts to find the force?

4Reebok’s “Office Linebacker with Terry Tate” (2003)

Watch how linebacker Terry Tate creates office order in his famous “take down” way.

5Coca-Cola’s “Mean Joe Green” (1979)

Just as Coca-Cola is a classic, so is this memorable spot.