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As the seasons change, our plans for home projects and design change too. But there is one thing that stays constant in the trendiest homes—a remodeled bathroom. A massive en-suite is ideal, but it’s not always feasible. Fortunately, in today’s design world, bathroom design is no longer limited to large-scale bathrooms. With a little creativity, small to medium-sized bathrooms can share in the glory. Colors, shapes, and natural elements can drastically change your powder room, and elevating your style can be as easy as incorporating natural wood, tile, and stone into your design. Take a look at 5 different types of bathrooms Carpet One featured below. From modern, crisp lines, and the use of wallpaper, there’s a look that will fit with every decor.

1Modern Design

Carpet One McCalls
Design: Kalu Interiors | Photo: Provoke Studio

Modern design takes a new approach when thoughtfully mixed with natural and semi-precious stones. This classic black-and-white palette is the perfect mix of modern, industrial, and chic. The addition of gold embellishments brings warmth and delicacy to this timeless design.

2Crisp Lines

Carpet One
Design: Cynthia Soda | Photo: Stephani Buchman

Crisp lines are complemented by a round porcelain sink and patterned tile flooring in this classic, contemporary powder room. The natural wood and exposed pipes create a cool, minimalistic style, and the intricate tile grounds the vanity.

3Funky Wallpaper

Carpet One McCalls
Design: Rebecca Hay | Photo Mike Chajecki

Shapes and colors can add interest to any space. This watercolor cactus wallpaper is fun and whimsical, and though it’s on trend, it’s also classic enough to keep for years.

4Inviting and Calm

Carpet One McCalls
Design: Dvira Ovadia | Photo: Valerie Wilcox

Inviting and calming, soft grays create a soothing ambiance. Details become more prominent in clean color palettes. A herringbone pattern placed on the floor and ceiling of this bathroom’s boastful shower is a subtle way to incorporate upscale design elements. Appreciation for nature can be derived from the larger-format wall tiles and their natural veining.

5Color and Whimsy

Carpet One McCalls
Design: Rebecca Hay | Photo: Stephani Buchman

Wrapped in whimsical wallpaper and trimmed in warm gold, playful pattern and color give life to this statement powder room.


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