By Heather Listhartke

1.Unexplained weight gain or loss

Hormones help regulate your metabolism which helps to burn calories or store fat when we need to. Having unbalanced hormones can mean sudden, unexplained weight loss or gain. Some nutritionists recommend to keep a log of when you feel hungry, your energy levels, and your cravings. If you are excessively hungry with low energy, try increasing your daily protein intake by adding an extra serving or about 3 oz of lean protein. This will help your body to not only regulate your blood-glucose better, but may also set your metabolic hormones back to normal.

2.Stubborn belly fat

If you have a hard time losing weight especially around your mid-section, you could have too much cortisol in your system. The cortisol hormone is known for causing belly fat retention when there is too much in the blood stream. Issues of overabundant cortisol is usually explained by prolonged periods of stress. The key here is to reduce the amount of stress by finding ways to manage those issues better, but also finding time to relax. Other things that may help is to use essential oils like lavender and chamomile which is known for helping your body relax.

3.Loss of muscle mass

Several hormones are responsible for growth and maintenance of muscle mass in the body including Growth Hormones, Insulin-like growth factor 1 and testosterone, which are the biggest contributors. When these hormones are no longer balanced, your body has a difficult time digesting and processing proteins properly. Having less protein in your body, you no longer have the proper nutrients to maintain muscle health and growth. As an added difficulty of digesting problems, your body may be exhibiting issues like bloating, gas, nausea, or other digestive issues.

4.Anxiety, irritability and mood swings

It is well-known that a hormone imbalance can cause erratic mood swings. Many things can cause this hormone imbalance, from over-worked adrenals, hypothyroidism, and other imbalances. Fixing the hormone imbalance may be as simple as increasing protein and complex carbohydrate intake and avoiding environmental toxins.

5.Lower libido, increased fatigue, or irregular sleep patterns

From the reproductive system to the endocrine system, hormones help regulate our systems . They control our bodily functions like how we sleep, how we interact with others, and how much energy we have. While environmental, dietary, and lifestyle can all contribute to the imbalance in reproductive hormones that can regulate and deregulate our libido., those same factors manage how we digest and absorb nutrients, as well as, how our body regulates energy levels and our metabolic cycles.

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