We sat down with Virginia Walker to talk about her new business Ride Simply.  Virginia has lived in the middle Tennessee area for the last 42 years and has called Westhaven in Franklin home for the last eight years. Mother of five and grandmother of eight, we found out exactly what is Ride Simply and why she started this company and just how does she keep it all going?

WS: Can you tell us more about yourself?     10929211_906741702679223_4575322702234582699_n

Virginia: I have lived in the area for 42 years.  I was married to Charlie Walker, Grand Ole Opry member since 1967 who passed away in 2008.  We raised our five children in Hendersonville but I moved to Franklin about eight years ago.  I am a retired executive from Phillips Lighting where I worked in executive management. I trained and recruited employees.

WS: Why did you start Ride Simply?

Virginia:  I recognized that there are a lot of black car services out there but I felt like they were too  expensive.  Other services can cost upwards of $85 from Westhaven to the airport.  I saw the need to make transportation safe, professional and most of all economical.   I also employ locals from the area, most of my employees are retired from all walks of life.  I have a retired police officer, retired executive, law professor and  more.  All of my employees are trained, qualified and properly insured.

WS: How do you get a ride?

Virginia: We schedule rides by appointment.  We will come to your home at the arranged time to pick you up and then return to pick you up from your event, restaurant or airport.  My focus is on serving the Williamson County area with concentration in Brentwood and Franklin.  To schedule your appointment call, 615-604-0881.

WS: What are your rates for rides?

Virginia:  I like to make it simple, I have a flat rate of $35 roundtrip for rides to local events and restaurants.  Fees for a ride to the airport are $35 each way and we have now added SUVs where holding six passengers for a flat rate $60 each way to the airport.

WS: How do you keep up the pace?

Virginia:  With my family and grandchildren and the business, life can be very busy.  I am a true health nut and I get my energy from my diet.  I really enjoy being a part of the community.  My goal is for everyone who rides in my car to have fun, be relaxed and know that they are in good hands.

Thanks so much to Virginia for taking time out to talk with us.  A Vintage Affair is having their 15th Anniversary celebration on Friday, April17th—sounds like a great time to make a reservation with Ride Simply.  You can make a reservation by calling 615-604-0881.  Visit the Ride Simply Facebook page for more information.

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