Williamson Source 5 Questions

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Lynda Moses

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Lynda Moses is the events coordinator for the Nolensville Historical Society. She has been living in Nolensville with her husband Wendell for more than 40 years. They live on a small farm with their son, daughter-in-law and three grandkids as backdoor neighbors.


Historic Nolensville School
Historic Nolensville School, home of the Nolensville Historical Society

When did you start living in Williamson County?
We bought over grown land in 1967, cleared it and finished our house in 1969. Some of the Nolensville roads were still gravel, our water was from a sulfur well, we had 8 party phone lines, 4 groceries, a bank, Post Office and no fire or police department. No doctors or dentists. Our daughter attended the historic school in a portable for 3 years. I taught Head Start at another old school on Rocky Fork Rd. Then, in 1972 she and our son moved next door to the new school that is now the new Rec Center. The old school then became our Rec Center and Community Center. Most residents skated, played ball and attended many fun events in the old gym, including talent shows on the stage. Scouts, 4 H, and churches met in that building. One classroom was our first library. Many sweet memories are tied up in that old building. We have a song written for us by Ted Hatfield called “If Walls Could Talk”. I tear up every time I play it. 


How long has the Nolensville Historical Society been around?
Since 2001.


What does the Nolensville Historical Society do?
We care deeply. We work hard. We do what we can to record and educate about Nolensville’s unique history. We have 6 historical journals and a cookbook “Recipes and Memories”. We helped build up the Buttercup Festival and we participate in many town events. We supported the discovery of the original Nolen cabin within the McCord house and moving it to a nearby property, in order for Alfred and Evelyn Bennett to save and restore it.

Our largest project has been saving our historic school and Community Center from becoming a parking lot by asking to lease it from Williamson Co. to restore and upgrade after it was closed in 2009 for codes violations. The community felt lost without it. Its been a huge project, including cleaning up after 2 floods. Thanks to hard work and donations by our members and many other supporters, we’ve come a long way. The building is used year round and our 4 classrooms have become very popular museums.


What are some current projects of NHS?
Raising enough money for air conditioning for our gym and museums so they will be more comfortable year round. Then repairing roofing, and stage curtains. There’s always something. The Farmers Market is held every Saturday and community classes for youth and adults are ongoing. NHS meets in the cafeteria and has a pot luck supper the second Mondays of odd numbered months.


What are your favorite things about living in Nolensville?
The community spirit and friendliness that is so strong in new and long time residents. The livestock; the tractors and horses on the streets sometimes, the rolls of hay, the flowering trees and plants, the unique businesses, the restored old buildings. I wouldn’t want to ever live anywhere else.

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