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Lauren Tenney

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The Texting Yoga Pants are a group of local millennial moms that do life together. They also have a viral video out right now called I Wanna Go To Chick-Fil-A You can see our post here.


What inspired the video?
I have been going to Chick-Fil-A with my son Hudson since he was 9 months old, he’s four now. I always felt like I could take a deep breath when I walked in because I knew every mom there was there for the same reason…we needed a little break. I felt like this song would support and encourage all of the chick-fil-a mommas out there and let them know they are doing a GREAT job! And that we are all in this together.


How long did it take to come up with the Parody concept?
It took about a 20 minute ride home from Chick-fil-a one day last December to write the song. I did ask my husband to look over it about an hour before I went to record and he threw in a couple of the BEST lines in the song (he is insanely talented…makes me sick…lol:) I have always directed and produced videos in my head. The video concept for this came almost as quickly as the lyrics. Of course this wouldn’t be anything without the original writers Meghan Trainor and Kevin Kadish! They are ridiculous.


What city and state did you guys shoot the video from.
We shot the video in Franklin, TN at the south Franklin CF.


What kind of response are you getting from friends, family, and strangers?
The response from friends, family and strangers is hands down the BEST part about this. They are just as excited as WE are! I keep getting texts from my family and my best friends (we are in a constant group text) updating me on how many views we have. Moms I have never met are letting me know that I hit the nail on the head with the lyrics and that I wrote their life..theee BEST! I have always wanted to put lyrics to people’s real life, for it to be humorous is icing on the cake


Are you planning on making more videos?
We would really like to. We’re thinking super short humorous mom skits and more parodies

About The Texting Yoga Pants

Jenilee Vander Elst
Jenilee is a mom of two boys, Beau (2) and Christian (3 months). She makes the best cheesecake thumbprint cookies this side of the Mississippi. Jenilee is no stranger to fame and fortune as she was the star of a Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen doll commercial in the 90s. Oh, and she isn’t really pregnant.

Jess Smith
Jess and her firefighter husband have two girls, Emerson (2) and Avery (5). She started her own graphic design company two years ago yellowspecsdesign.com and works mainly on branding and collateral for small businesses. Jess is a connector—always bringing people together—and the best hostess in town, willing to throw a party at a moment’s notice!

Chelsea Cunningham
Chelsea is a detail-oriented, adventure-seeker, goal-setter. She ended her days as a middle school communications teacher after the birth of her son, Smith (2). She now runs a thriving business out of her home. Oh, and if you ever need anyone to lip-sync an Enrique Iglesias song, Chelsea is your girl.

Deidra Romero
Deidra is a freelance writer, editor and blogger at ParentingUpstream.com where she writes about parenting for Millennials. She and her husband have a 2-year-old, Ezra, who basically runs the show along with their two feral dogs.

Lauren Rainey Tenney
Lauren left a career in music and acting waiting in the wings when motherhood called her. She is now a mom of two, Hudson (4) and Georgia June (1). In the nooks of her mom life Lauren runs a successful multi-million dollar direct sales business with “Rodan and Fields.” She also is gunning for her son Hudson to be the youngest Masters champion…(no big deal).

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