5 Questions With George Uribe

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George Uribe

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George Uribe is President and CEO of Guestbooker.com, LLC based in Nashville with offices in New York and Miami. George has been named an Ellis Island Medal of Honor Award Winner by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations. We spoke to George about his Medal of Honor,  his time as a shoe shine boy and what is takes to be an expert for Guestbooker.com.


Can you tell me a little  bit about yourself?
My wife Margaret and I live in Franklin with our two daughters Lauren (5 years old) and Charlotte (3 years old). My family is originally from Bogota Colombia and I am honored to be a First Generation American. I have proudly served the U.S. Army Reserve and have served on the Board of Governors for the National Academy of Television Arts & Science Mid South Chapter and the Board of Directors for Rocketown, a place for underprivileged children. I love baseball, horses and music and find them to be distractions in life but also things that bring me happiness outside of work and my family.


Your company is unique can you explain more about what you do?
I lead a team of 12 talent bookers finding great guests for radio and television programs locally, nationally and internationally. We are always on the hunt for the next great guest. We are a solution for radio and television shows because we check the credentials of each potential guest and keep journalist integrity with each booking. Talent bookers are competitive and always looking for the best talking heads. We are story driven so we frequently follow the news cycle and offer guests based on what is happening in the world.


Would you say that you have ever made someone’s career by booking them on a show?
Anytime you engage in our business, there is plenty of opportunity for people to be discovered. We have been lucky enough to work with people that have gone on to be television anchors and contributors, however our focus is always about what is best for the television or radio show. We are not advocates for individuals. If anything we are advocates for the shows in helping them find solutions as they cover the news each day.


How does one become one of your experts?
We find you. We rarely take unsolicited guests and frequently turn down requests to be represented. Although if someone we have worked with in the past or someone we know recommends a person we will take a look at them. This business is very competitive and very specific with guest requests. So the first thing we do is watch tv, listen to radio and read newspapers and websites. My favorite thing to do is discover someone who would be great for tv but hasn’t been on tv just yet. I love developing new talking heads especially if they look good, sound good and have credentials in their area of expertise.


Congrats on your Ellis Island Medal of Honor. How does it feel to be recognized among such distinguished recipients?
I’m amazed. Receiving this honor is quite moving and very meaningful to me. My parents were immigrants from Colombia and Spanish is my first language. I think of my mother who taught me my work ethic while she ran her own barbershop and I served as her shoe shine boy one summer. While she has long passed away, I learned the value of customer service and work ethic during that time in my life. It has served me well as I lead a multi-million dollar company with an amazing team of people around me. This award is not just a reflection of success in business but it is about a reflection of gratitude in being an American and never being too busy in life to serve others or my community. When my children ask about this award later in life I want them to be inspired to serve others themselves.

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