5 Questions With Dave Ramsey

5 Questions With Dave Ramsey

Hundreds came out to the groundbreaking of Ramsey Solutions’ new headquarters in Franklin’s Berry Farms in late July. As Ramsey Solutions celebrated this milestone, we asked Dave Ramsey 5 questions about this new project and what it means for Ramsey Solutions and its employees.

Q: As you reflect on this milestone (breaking ground on the new HQ building) in the 25-year history of the Dave Ramsey Show and everything that has evolved from it, what stands out as other key turning points for your company?

There have been many milestones like best-selling books, product launches and major media. I used to think there would be one big breakout moment, but now I know that success comes from excellence in the ordinary – the day to day grind. As a company, we are not confused. We know how blessed we are. Sure, we work hard, but we’ve always said that this place exists for those who aren’t here. We are blessed so that we might be a blessing. People are really scared out there. I hear it in their voices on the radio, and I see it on their faces at live events. And we see what happens when people begin to believe. It’s amazing what they can do. That’s what pushes us to never give up.

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Q: How important was it to you that Franklin continues to be home for the Dave Ramsey Show and your 600+ employees?

It’s huge. This is home. Having Ramsey Solutions here in Franklin, continuing the mission of helping millions of people find hope to turn their financial lives around, is a win-win for everyone. We’re grateful for the support from the city and the state.

Q: You’ve made your reputation on fiscal responsibility; but did you allow yourself any fun splurges in the new HQ building?

This is a $50 million dollar project, and we don’t borrow money. We have to be responsible for every last nickel. That said, we’re going to do this right. The visitor experience will be top-notch. There will be a bookstore, a large area for people to watch the show, and of course, we’ll spoil them like we do now with plenty of coffee and snacks. Our team will enjoy quality work spaces, the latest in technology, an employee cafeteria and an amphitheater for special events.

Q: What do you think the Ramsey team is looking forward to most about the new HQ building?

We look forward to all being in one location. We work hard around here to develop and maintain a culture of unity, and having so many people spread out into many locations is not ideal. Patience is key here.

Q: Typically, companies design this type of building with added capacity for future growth. Assuming you did the same, what should we expect next from the Ramsey team?

We are no exception. We have detailed plans for growth. It’s exciting. We have more than 600 team members now. We’ll bump that up by 400 team members by 2023 and again by 2028. We know people are hurting, and they desperately need hope. This space will allow us to reach people we’ve never reached before. I’m not going to lie. The scale of this project is scary, but when I think how many people will be helped, how many families will find hope, it makes it all worth it.

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