5 Questions With: Tractor Supply Company VP Seth Estep

Music Country Grand Prix

Seth EstepWe spoke with Seth Estep, Tractor Supply Company’s Vice President/Divisional Merchandise Manager, Animal Division about Tractor Supply Company’s (TSC) involvement with the Music Country Grand Prix, which takes place June 4th.

1. Tell us about what you do with TSC.

I lead an incredible team that is responsible for the pet and animal merchandising initiatives for Tractor Supply. Merchants have a fast-paced and exciting job of selecting the right products at the right price and making sure they are in the right place to grow sales and profits for the organization. Pets, horses and other animals are very important to our core customer, so we work hard every day to be the most dependable supplier of products to support their ‘out here’ lifestyle.

2. How did TSC become involved with Music Country Grand Prix?

Tractor supply has been the title sponsor of the Music Country Grand Prix for more than 10 years. The event is one of the major ways that Tractor Supply can support SaddleUp and its mission of providing youth with disabilities the opportunity to grow and develop though therapeutic riding. In addition to the Grand Prix, we have several employees who volunteer weekly after work, and they see the amazing impact the program has on the lives of the children. SaddleUp is an incredible place and the Grand Prix is such a fun event to provide financial support and awareness for the organization.

3. What’s your favorite thing about the event?

The Grand Prix is full of activities from the flag presentation to the patrons tent and silent auction. However, my favorite thing about the event is watching the competition. The Music Country Grand Prix is truly a premier competition, and it’s amazing to witness these incredible athletes up close and in such a great setting like Brownland Farm.

4. Tell us about TSC involvement at the new Harlinsdale Park?

We are proud to be the title sponsor of the new Tractor Supply Co. Arena at Harlinsdale Park in Franklin. The facility not only supports our customers’ passion for horses, but it also raises awareness about the equestrian lifestyle and provides a beautiful venue for horse enthusiasts of all ages to enjoy exciting events.

5. Talk about how TSC has evolved in a county where farming was more prominent, but now Tweets and urban living are prominent.

As Williamson County has evolved over time, Tractor Supply’s customer base has broadened and we’ve had to evolve with their needs. We have worked hard at expanding categories that have broad appeal to customers that live the ‘out here’ lifestyle. We are more than your Tractor Supply Store – we are your garden supply, pet supply, clothing supply and hardware supply store. Whether rural or suburban, our customers share a common bond – they shop at Tractor Supply to purchase items to care for their land, home, pets and animals, and our loyal and growing customer base counts on us to be the most dependable supplier of those rural lifestyle needs. We also recognize that in today’s world many customers visit Tractor Supply for the first time through our website or on social media and quite often through mobile devices. Customers are looking for relevant information, convenient purchase options, and rich customer engagement. We continue to upgrade our digital capabilities to ensure that our customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience whether online or in-store.

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