5 Questions With Andy Marshall

Deacon’s New South, the latest restaurant concept by A. Marshall Family Foods, is currently holding a soft opening with a grand opening date set for November 1. We spoke with Andy Marshall, owner of A. Marshall Family Foods, about the group’s latest restaurant in downtown Nashville.

Deacon’s New South is going in the L&C building which was the first skyscraper in Nashville. Why did you choose that building?

First of all, we’ve been seeking a location for this concept for about 3 years, and just knew it needed somewhere special to land. We were looking for a place that not only is a great fit, but also has a certain feel and story to it. The L&C Tower fits all of those things, and it is such an iconic building. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to put our restaurant concept in the L&C Tower.

That side of downtown is not very developed with restaurants, what do you see for the future of that area of downtown?

I see a continued residential growth on the North side of downtown, which I think will naturally bring more restaurant growth. Matter of fact, we’re already looking to secure our next location for one of our concepts on the North side. I believe the residents and businesses alike in that area of downtown are looking for more authentic and real restaurants.

What is the story behind the name Deacon’s New South?

Deacon was a college nickname that was given to me by my fraternity brothers and always stuck with me. As with our other concepts, we love having a story behind the names we choose, and I love that name for this restaurant. New South is a nod to a cultural shift in modern Southern cuisine.

What can people expect from Deacon’s New South?

Deacon’s New South is a modern Southern restaurant centered around dry aged steaks, robust vegetable dishes, and a sommelier-driven beverage program featuring vintage cocktails. The atmosphere is modern but respectful to the building. It provides both social and private dining options.

What will make Deacon’s New South stand apart from other downtown restaurants?

The concept of Deacon’s is a culmination of ideas we’ve collected and food trends we’ve watched over the years during our travels to Chicago, New York, Charleston, and Austin. We made a concept that is relevant to Millennials, but also appealing to Baby Boomers. We have developed a high quality of staff, and paid close attention to detail. The entrepreneurial passion and spirit bleeds through everything we do through food, atmosphere, and experience. We also have an understanding of the market and clientele of the middle TN area. We know what our neighbors expect, and we want to deliver an experience to visitors when they come to Nashville. People want to experience something authentic and real.

Find Deacon’s New South at 401 Church St in downtown Nashville. Follow them on Facebook for the latest news.