5 More Projects to Watch in Williamson County

Oak Meadows

Anyone can see driving through town, all the development, and plans, going on in Williamson County. It is hard to keep track of it all. As a continuation of the list we published last week, featuring 7 projects changing the face of Williamson County, here are 5 more projects to keep an eye on.






There are tons and tons of developments left off the list, so if you don’t see something you want to know more about on either list, feel free to let us know. Or check back another week. For instance next week we will be posting about 5 Hotel Developments Coming to Cool Springs.

1. Possible Luxury Apartments off Royal Oaks

AOak Meadow Epoch Presentation REVISED (4) Florida-based developer (EPOCH) has plans to put in a 355-unit luxury apartment complex along Oak Meadows Drive and Royal Oaks.

The four-story complex of “Class A industrial quality” apartments will spread over 30.4 acres and sit touching Home Depot, with some 240 condos north of Oak Meadows Drive and 115 south of it.  The plan calls for swimming pools, gyms, 50 percent open space, and a demonstration kitchen. The developers have submitted a revised plan, after there was an uproar from the public over worries that construction and the subdivision would make a bad traffic situation even worse. An independent third-party is conducting a traffic survey.

Discussed by the joint meeting of the Board of Mayor and Alderman and Franklin Planning Commission at their February meeting, the plan has not been on an agenda yet. So it still may not happen, or it may happen in a much-revised way. This is one to keep an eye on, for sure,  as time goes by, especially if you go anywhere near Royal Oaks on your commute.

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