5 Myths About Waxing


A google search on waxing will show you many contradictory tales about what waxing is, how it works, and what happens before, during and after, leaving any person skeptical and perhaps a little afraid if they don’t already know about waxing. Here are five prevalent myths about waxing.

With waxing, exfoliating is unnecessary.

The people who think this have it in their minds that waxing already exfoliates the skin, but in truth, it only exfoliates the first layer of skin. Ingrown hairs actually grow below this layer, and they have to be properly cared for. Washing and exfoliating before and after the wax can help prevent the ingrown hairs as well as the bumps that are common with waxing. Furthermore, if you use an ingrown hair treatment cream, you’re likely to see better results.

You have to wait for the hair to grow really long before waxing.

While there has to be something for the wax to grasp onto, the hair in most cases only needs to be a ¼ in long. Most people achieve this length in a very short time usually less than two weeks. Eyebrows on the other hand only need 1/8 of an inch. This means that for most people you only need to wax once a month instead of shaving often.

Waxing will make my hair grow back thicker and darker.

I’m not sure how this one started, but it’s one you hear all the time. The truth is that when you wax, your hair is removed from the root. It takes time for that hair to even begin to grow back and most people are completely hairless for a couple weeks, usually three before they have to worry about it. When you wax, you actually damage the hair follicle and in a lot of cases, that hair will never grow back again. If it does, it grows back thinner than before.

Waxing will make my skin sag or stretch out. 
When skin gets like this, it has nothing to do with waxing no matter how long you’ve been doing it for. Sagging skin is caused by a loss in collagen, muscle tone, bad eating habits, or other unrelated habits you may have. No matter how much you actually wax, it has very little to do with how your skin might act.

After waxing, I can do whatever I want: go to the tanning bed, hang out in the sun, etc….

When you wax, your skin, naturally becomes sensitive especially to sources of heat. You’ve literally just antagonized your skin by pulling all the hairs out of it. Heat is not kind to skin and it is damaging by itself. Using heat will just inflame the skin even more; in actuality, you need to relax out of the sun, saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, etc, and enjoy some cool air conditioning and moisturize your skin.

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