68% of the williamson county workforce commutes from outside the county






2. 68% of the Williamson County Workforce Comes from OUTSIDE the County

A lot of workers that drive into Williamson County on a daily basis. In fact, 68% of the workforce of Williamson County live elsewhere, largely from Rutherford, Davidson, and Maury Counties, according to the Williamson County Trends Report. Williamson County is home to several headquarters including Tractor Supply Company, Mars Pet Care, Ramsey Solutions and the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce. They also are home to some of the biggest Williamson County employers: Community Health Systems and Nissan. However, Nissan’s large workforce doesn’t account for all of those that drive to Williamson County from other counties. A large part of those who commute into Williamson County live elsewhere due to family or the cost of living.

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