5 Local Goodwill Success Stories






Two years ago, Joshua was having a hard time keeping a steady job to support himself and his family. Potential employers consistently said things like he was “too slow” or “he doesn’t understand what he’s being asked to do.” From 2002 to 2013, he applied for dozens of jobs and landed several short-term positions, but due to his learning disability was used to rejection from companies. In 2008, he began his journey with Goodwill gaining guidance in budgeting and meal planning as well as help with child care, job training, and medical bills. In 2013, Joshua’s mother reminded him of the experience while telling him about job openings in downtown Nashville, and he applied. He now works by training new employees in the things that he learned while working with them and is able to help provide for his family equally. Through Goodwill, Joshua gained the confidence he needed to succeed.

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