5 Lawn Care Tasks for Fall

fall leaves

Fall is on the way and cooler temps are on the horizon. If you are a lawn care aficionado or just getting started with your own lawn, there are a few pro tips to consider as we enter the fall season. Landscaping and gardening continue all the way until the first hard frost or winter, but with these simple tasks, any yard will continue to look its best throughout each season and look amazing come spring.

Continue Mowing 

Even as the weather changes grass will continue to grow. People might be able to get away with mowing less frequently, but it is still important to keep a yard looking groomed. Another important aspect of lawn care is watering. During the fall it often rains less frequently and grass can quickly begin to brown. Watering the grass a couple of times a week also helps the grass to absorb and store moisture to last the entire winter.

Seed Your Lawn

Each yard is different and has areas that could be improved. Fall is the ideal time to address these issues. It is the best time to overseed because the ground is still warm, moisture is more plentiful, nights are cool, and the sun is not as hot during the day writes This Old House.

Clear Leaves

A pile of leaves is great for children to play when, but when the fun is done, make sure to clear the leaves off your lawn with a rake or leaf blower. When leaves pile up it kills the grass underneath leaving it brown and ugly. Choosing not to clear the leaves from your yard can also have a negative effect on gardening because it can smother healthy plants depriving them of the air and nutrients that they need.


Dirt and soil can be very compact making it difficult for water, oxygen, and fertilizer to reach the grass’ roots. Aerating systematically makes holes in the ground helping the ground to better absorb these nutrients. It’s easy and convenient to rent an aerator to get the job done.

Kill Weeds

The beginning of fall is the best time to fight weeds. Like grass, weeds are storing up moisture and nutrients to last the winter. This means that weeds will also be more likely to absorb herbicides (weed killers). Get ahead on your spring landscaping by preventing weeds from ever sprouting.

Fall lawn care directly affects not only how a yard looks during the season, but also how it will be in the spring. Keeping a lawn free of leaves will prevent dead grass. Fertilizing and filling in bald spots will have the yard looking amazing come spring. Aerating and weeding also contributes to a healthy lawn and are important parts of landscaping.

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