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Back to school can be a tough adjustment period for any student, especially after a summer break filled with outdoor activities, sleeping in and staying up late. It’s important to establish good study habits at the start of the school year to help your child succeed and make homework easier. Brain training experts at LearningRx Nashville-Brentwood offer 25 effective homework tips for parents to help guide students, including the following:

1. Tackle the hardest work first. Students should do the most difficult work when their brains are primed. Once it’s behind them, they’ll feel relieved to breeze through the easier assignments.

2. Give them tools to stay organized. Help your child or teen choose a color system for binders or find apps that help with organization by sending email alerts or text reminders.

3. Designate a regular homework time. Some children need to come home from school and unwind. Others do best if they complete homework right after school. Find the routine that works best and give them a healthy snack to sustain their energy and brain power.

4. Ensure they’re taking the correct level classes. Advanced placement classes can help prepare students for college but not every class is a good match for every student. Talk to the teacher and evaluate if it’s the right fit for your child.

5. Learn to recognize signs of frustration. There are lots of reasons students procrastinate or take much longer to do even basic homework. Find out if the work is boring, too difficult or too confusing and address those concerns immediately.


“The start of school is a critical time to set the right tone for the rest of the year,” says Bridgette Butler, co-owner and director, LearningRx Nashville-Brentwood. “If your child continually struggles with nightly homework, you may want to conduct a cognitive skills assessment to identify the root cause of learning difficulties before they get further behind.”

Cognitive skills are the underlying tools that enable us to focus, think, visualize, remember, read and solve problems. A personal brain training program like LearningRx strengthens cognitive skills and makes learning across all subjects faster, easier and even fun. To sign up for a cognitive skills assessment, call LearningRx Nashville-Brentwood at 615-953-8899 or visit

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