5 Hair Color Trends

With summer on the horizon, its time to welcome a new hairstyle and new color trends! If you’re ready for a new look, check out these 5 hair color trends.


Perhaps the most significant new color trend is coral. This hair color is marked by a mix of shimmers of soft metal colors that have grown this last year like copper and rose gold. Add in the addition that coral is this year’s Pantone color of the year, and it is no wonder that coral has sprung out as one of the top hair color trends of the year as something that shows a little edge with a bright pastel pinkish color but is soft and light enough as an everyday hair color. The best part is that it enhances everyone’s eye color and softens skin tones. So if you’re looking for something with a mix of both edgy and soft that will make you stand out, this might be perfect for you.

2Dirty Blonde

Blonde has been at the top of the trends for a long time although the shade of blonde has changed quite a bit over the years. This year, dirty blonde is back. Many are embracing their darker blondes going back to a more natural look after a long-standing affair with the platinum and white blonde trends that have been happening in the last year. This year, it’s all about more natural and warmer tones.

3Shadow Roots

In line with more natural looks, this year many are embracing their darker hair shades beginning with their roots. In fact, many are taking the blonde highlights or darker tones and pairing them with their darker hair tones for a shadow root look. The best part with this trend is that you can extend your hair color a little longer and delay that trip to the salon. Instead of going every 6 weeks, waiting a couple weeks longer isn’t going to hurt you, in fact, you just might get some compliments on your trendy roots showing through.

4Inky black

Cher is making a comeback this year with a new album and a world tour. As she makes her way around the world, many fans are paying their respects and showing their fan love by bringing back her iconic inky black hair to the forefront of trends. The big 2019 difference is that it pairs the inky black with undertones and hints of blue, which makes the hair color look almost reflective like glass. If you’re looking for something darker than your normal, take a look at this beautiful black, but keep in mind that going lighter again isn’t going to be easy and tends to be damaging to your hair. If you go this dark, you’re often committing to more upkeep.

5Burnt Copper

Reds and oranges have been trending for several years. Now, a new copper trend is making its rounds. This new color trend is not your average orange or red tons; its somewhere in the middle. Many describe this hair color as too orange to be just ‘red,’ but too brown to be ‘bronze.’ It’s truly a middle shade that’s similar to hues that sat on the edges at the beginning of the decade.

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