5 Fast Tips For Easy Fall Decor

By Amanda Gates
AB HOME Interiors

If you are anything like me, you like things to look great, but hate to put in all those hours of effort. Let’s face it, we all have better things to do like waste time on Pinterest or catch up with our guilty pleasure ‘Breaking Bad.’ Here are some easy last minute decor ideas for this upcoming Halloween and Thanksgiving Holiday.

1) From Scrapbooking etc, this little box is a breeze to make. Take any small box from around the house, an old strawberry crate or food take out container (like a Chinese take out container and cut off the top.) Wrap it in gauze or construction paper and use for sweet treats for party favors, employee gifts or a silly tablescape. I used tums for the eyes, but buttons or construction paper would also work. Use what you have from around the house, get creative!Halloween Decor, Amanda Gates

2) Have old candles laying around? From Better Homes and Gardens this is one of my favorite holiday decor idea. Stupidly easy and fun, take anything from glitter, beads, even pasta and glue fun holiday sayings for instant holiday decor.Halloween Decor, Amanda Gates 2


3) For entertaining guests, take parchment paper and gently burn the edges with a match for instant graveyard signs.Halloween Decor, Amanda Gates 3

4) For the truly lazy at heart (and let’s face it, time crunched!) the no-carve pumpkin. Take old paint from around the house and paint your pumpkins fun colors. Use black sharpies (you can add a little painters tape to help get a straight edge if you like) to add additional details like eyes or fun art, sayings or notes. This is great for unused fireplaces, table buffets, porches, and mantel decorating.

Fall Decor, Amanda Gates


5) Tacks and ribbons from Good Housekeeping. All local grocery stores have a plethora of small pumpkins to choose from. Another quick and easy way to decorate these small pumpkins is with tacks, and ribbon. These make for fun center pieces, table scape accessories and perfect additions to holiday buffets.

Pumpkin Decor, Amanda Gates


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