5 Family Halloween Costumes

photo from Dunkin

Whether you decide to celebrate Halloween at home or take a stroll through your neighborhood on Halloween, here are five costume ideas for the family.

Family Costume
photo from The Homes I Have Made

1Family of Super-Heroes

This is an easy family costume. You can select one of your favorite superhero costumes to wear or make your own family of superheroes by selecting a color theme, create your own crest, or just add a star to a shirt. Find a tutorial here. 

Amazon Costume
photo from Amazon

2Glow in the Dark Skeleton Onesies

These serve a dual purpose- after dark, you can easily spot your children and once Halloween is over, you can have cozy onesies to wear around the house. Shop Glow in the Dark onesie here. You can also make a similar costume by purchasing sweat pants and shirt, find a tutorial here.

Safari Costume
photo from Bee-ing Mommy


Every member of the family can pick their favorite animal. Or you can make it a farm theme by selecting your favorite animal on the farm, keep those cow costumes for the Chick-fil-A day to score free meals. Find a tutorial here.

Where's Waldo
photo from Lovely Indeed

4Where’s Waldo?

Use the Christmas red and white striped pajama tops and create your own “Where’s Waldo?” family costume. Find a tutorial here. 

photo from Dunkin

5Dunkin’ Donut Family

This year, Dunkin’ launched costumes. Grab one of these for mom and dad and the whole family. Buy your costumes at SpiritHalloween.com


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