5 Edible Bouquets for Valentine’s Day

credit Olive Garden

Instead of sending flowers, why not consider one of these unique bouquets this Valentine’s Day? From donuts to pickles, there are lots of unique ways to show your love on Thursday.

1. Pickle Bouquet

credit-Grill’s Pickles

This trend was started by Grillo’s pickles and it’s been featured on the Today Show. They don’t sell the bouquets but Delish shared how you can make your own at home.

All you need to make this is 1) a variety of pickles, 2) multiple long, sturdy skewers, and 3) a vase to throw them in.

In addition, you can also add fresh dill and flowers. You can find Grillo’s pickles at Target and spend around $30 to make the dill-bouquet.

2. Beef Jerky Flowers


If you are on a low-carb or no-carb diet, here ‘s an option. On The Manly Man website, they sell beef jerky flower bouquets in a beer mug. The description on the website says, “Manly Man Beef Jerky Flower Bouquets are 100% edible and truly are made for that rugged one of a kind, hammer swinging, IPA drinking, duck hunting, beast of a man-animal you call yours. Each broquet comes fit for a Manly Man, in a Manly Man pint glass. The broquet is pre-arranged, sealed and packaged fresh in a stylish printed box.” Place your order here.

3. Olive Garden Breadstick Bouquet

credit Olive Garden

Olive Garden just released a new special for Valentine’s Day- breadsticks bouquet. You can place an order for breadsticks and then personalize your bouquet by using one of these templates to wrap your bouquet. The templates include food-themed phrases like “love at first bite” and “we belong together like spaghetti and meatballs.”

4. Donut Hearts

credit-Krispy Kreme

If you are missing conversation hearts since the company is not making them this year. Krispy Kreme made their own version this year. And in some markets, you can score these in a bouquet version just not in Tennessee.

5. Reese’s Bouquet



Walmart introduced Reese’s bouquet as a flower alternative this Valentine’s Day season. Filled with 36 peanut butter cups with a few orange flowers in the mix. It’s every candy lovers dream- available online here.