Although the line already exists, the new Infiniti QX80 Monograph concept has debuted at several car shows around the world including New York and Japan. Over the last several years, Infiniti has received rewards from Edmunds as the most popular, and the current model has luxury features on basically the same frame and body as its sister company, Nissan’s Armada. Every year, this specific model sells over 1100 to 1500 QX80s per a month.

What currently sets the vehicle apart from its sister vehicle comes down to the technology and extra features from possible collision notification to securing your vehicle remotely. Another big technology feature of the Infiniti is the integration with your calendar and smart devices to keep your life on track even while driving. It even currently has alerts on location, speed, and other programmable alerts even when you’re not driving, making it a perfect vehicle for a teen who is new to driving. One of the most attractive features of this SUV is the rare full third row of seats that make it great for families and transporting large groups. These are all things that the new QX80 continues with its line even in the new concept.

The new design, however, makes some big changes to the look, design, and feel of the SUV while still keeping the top of the line luxury, technology, and safety. On the new QX80 Monograph, the headlights are higher and Infiniti has added  a taller, wider grille and pairing it with an overall lower profile. They’ve also added in light strips to the headlights that extend and merge into the fenders.

One of the big changes that the Monograph makes is replacing the side front mirrors with rearview cameras, though this currently isn’t allowed in the US. The other big change is the addition of vents on both the front and back of the vehicle, which are designed to improve aerodynamics. Infiniti rounds off the look of the SUV with large 24-in wheels that have a two-tone rim with painted black outer edges that overlap with the tire, giving the look of 26-in wheels.
There was no real technical information shared about the engine or performance during the debut as the focus was on design, but several are thinking their highly sought after 5.8 v8 engine, which is currently used, will be brought over. With the more aggressive design and changes that are hoping to improve the drivability of the vehicle, many are wondering if Infiniti might be highlighting its off-roading ability with this concept model.

The concept vehicle is supposed to go to production later this year with no definite timeline for when it will hit the market, but there is a lot of talk about the concept vehicle already. It is definitely a vehicle to keep your eye on. In the meantime, if you’re in need of a great luxury family vehicle check out the current 2017 QX80 infinity.

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