5 Best Wines to Buy at Trader Joe’s

Nashville Wine Duo
photo from Nashville Wine Duo

Trader’s Joe’s will open soon in Franklin. Known for its great selection, prices and stellar lineup of wine, we consulted Franklin residents and wine experts, The Nashville Wine Duo (husband and wife team TJ and Kelsey Rogers ), for recommendations on some of the best wine buys at Trader Joe’s. Here’s what they recommended.

photo by Nashville Wine

1Nikau Point

Nikau Point is incredible for the price. In our opinion, it’s the best Sauvignon Blanc at Trader Joe’s. Very tropical in our opinion but it’s super crisp, with firm acidity in the finish. This one is not always around so if you see it pick it up!

photo by Nashville Wine Duo


If we are ever going to spend a little more than we normally would on wine at Trader Joe’s we always go for the $17.99 Amarone. Wines like this normally sell for double the price so it’s incredible that someone finds a wine of this caliber for such an incredible price. This wine is very dry, lightweight with a smooth finish. One of our all-time favorite wines! People definitely need to check this one out.

photo by Nashville Wine Duo


Opaline is one of those wines that everyone loves. Seriously we haven’t found a person we introduce this wine to that doesn’t come back for more. This wine is a sparkling Pinot Noir Brut Rosé made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes. Gorgeous color and bottle this is a situation where the bottle matches what’s inside. This wine is dry with tiny tight bubbles, floral with a creamy finish.

photo by Nashville Wine Duo


We love the Vignobles Lacheteau Vouvray and for those of you that don’t know Vouvray is the region this wine comes from in France and it’s 100% Chenin Blanc. This wine is creamy and smooth, extremely refreshing with a very slight sweet finish. The fact that this wine is off-dry makes it a perfect wine to pair with all kinds of dishes. We really enjoy this wine with spicy foods or just on its own.

Neo Grande
photo by Nashville Wine Duo

5Nero Grande

Nero Grande Appassimento is an excellent Italian red that we always have one hand. This was the main wine that got us hooked onto Trader Joe’s wine. Another crowd-pleaser that never disappoints. Super smooth with nice moderate tannins this wine is very complex. You can smell eucalyptus, herbs, and wild berries on the nose. Dark cherries and vanilla on the sip. People would never believe it’s only $6.99


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