5 Active Transportation Projects to Improve Spring Hill Traffic

TDOT traffic cones

Five active transportation projects that will improve traffic conditions in Spring Hill were discussed during the 2019 Spring Hill State of the City Address held January 24.

Widening of Duplex Road

Most, if not all Spring Hill citizens, are probably familiar with the project to widen Duplex Road. Construction began in 2017. When completed, it will be a 3-lane road, have a 5-foot sidewalk on the south side and a 9-foot walking path/multi-use path on the north side.

Saturn Parkway Extension

Another active project is an extension of Saturn Parkway, which will narrow the four lane Saturn Parkway into two lanes in order to extend through the General Motors property and tie into a realigned Beechcroft Road.

Beechcroft Road Widening

TDOT began construction in June on the first of three phases to widen Beechcroft Road. Beechcroft will be widened to three lanes with an overpass over the CSX railroad. As more people move to the area and utilize I-65, this project will greatly reduce the rush hour traffic.

Crossings Circle North Bridge

The Crossings of Spring Hill is another area that will see some expansion. The packed retail center currently has only one point of entry, but construction will begin soon to provide a second entrance via a bridge over McCormick Creek.

New Traffic Light at Saturn Pkwy & Port Royal

UPDATE: The City of Spring Hill is sorry to announce that TDOT is again delaying its safety project to install badly needed traffic signals at the Saturn Parkway exit ramps and Port Royal Road, which had been scheduled for bid letting in February.

This State project was noted at Spring Hill’S State of the City Address as being on time because that was the latest information the city had from TDOT.

TDOT’s hope is that the project will be ready for bid in April.

Original info:

Another headache on Portal Royal will be solved soon as TDOT has opened bids for the addition of a traffic light at the intersection of Saturn Parkway and Port Royal Road. Commuters entering the on ramp to I-65 north slow down transportation around this area. The traffic light will better control the traffic conditions on Port Royal Road.


  1. Many accidents have happened at Port Royal and Saturn including my parents accident last night 6/21/2019. Lights have been needed there for years. It should be moved to the top of the list before someone is killed.

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