4 Ways to Use an Area Rug in Your Home

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When shopping for an area rug, personal taste comes into play much like a piece of art. Consider the layout of the room and how your rug will work together with your furniture. Since furniture layout will differ between living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms, here are some options for each room.

Clean Cut Living Room

McCalls Rug Placement

Place all of the furniture entirely onto the surface of the rug. This traditional option will achieve a uniform and cohesive look, and the larger-sized rug will make a big impact on the look of the room.

Cozy Living Room

McCalls Rug Placement

Gather all your furniture around the periphery of a small area rug you’ve placed in the middle. Make sure the area rug is the same or a little longer than the couch to keep the room feeling proportional.

Functional Dining Room

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Choose a rug that mimics the shape of your dining table. Select one that is large enough to keep the legs of all chairs on the rug even when they are pulled out to ensure an easy way to and from the table.

Double-Sided Bedroom

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Choose a smaller rug that flanks the bed for a budget friendly option that will keep your toes warm when you get in and out of bed. Don’t be afraid to go bold with a bright color or pattern.


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