4 Ways to Make Working Out More Fun

working out


One of the more common excuses for not working out is that it can be boring. While it is true that watching minutes tick away on a treadmill can be dull, your workout doesn’t have to be uninspiring. There are many things you can do to make your workouts more fun that will help you stay motivated and on track to your fitness goals. Here are 4 things that can make working out more fun:

1.Listen to Music
Most people already listen to music while on a run or at the gym. However, do not underestimate how music can make working out more interesting. Try listening to an upbeat song when you’re doing cardio to keep you moving. If you are doing yoga or stretching after a routine, a slower and calmer song may improve your focus. Making a playlist before beginning a routine can be fun and also keep you interested throughout your workout.

2.Take a Group Fitness Class
Trying something new like a group fitness class can be a blast as well as a great way to keep up your momentum if you are bored with your normal routine. A group fitness class is the perfect place to take in upbeat energy and get in the zone. Aaron Kirchner, owner of the Nashville, Franklin, and Murfreesboro Athletic Clubs, says, “In a class setting you’re with other attendees whom are all there to get a good workout and energize the room.” Because all of the members of a fitness class are there to work out, you will have more fun because you are surrounded by likeminded people.

3.Play a Game
Instead of lifting weights or trudging along on the exercise bike, try playing a team sport or another active game. Playing a game of basketball or soccer is a great way to burn calories and build strength, and you may not even realize you are working out. The time can fly by if you’re enjoying the game and you may be more likely to stick with it. If you have children, playing a game of hide-and-seek or tag can even help you work towards your fitness goals.

4.Watch your Favorite Show
Watching TV is a great way to make your workout go by faster and be more enjoyable. The Franklin and Murfreesboro Athletic Clubs both have theater rooms where members can work out while watching a film on the big screen. If you are running on a treadmill or using an elliptical, you may notice that you can work out a lot longer while watching a great movie or TV show than if you were just staring at gym wall. Watching TV is a great way to have fun while still getting your workout in.

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