4 Tips for Designing a Functional Kitchen for Entertaining

Brought to you by French’s Cabinet Gallery, LLC

For many of us, the recent holiday season meant more hours in the kitchen than normal – mixing cocktails, baking cookies, and reviving those old family recipes that only come out during this special time of the year.

Perhaps over the last few weeks you noticed some things that DON’T work well with your existing kitchen layout. The designers at French’s Cabinet Gallery, LLC are here to help you create a more functional kitchen for entertaining!

Here are a few suggestions:

# 1 Create Workstations

When designing your kitchen, it is important to consider how you use your kitchen, then create workstations to maximize function and space accordingly. For example, your “baking zone” should be located near your oven and pantry, and should provide storage for everything you need to bake. Add an appliance garage for large appliances like your mixer, deep drawers to store large mixing bowls and pans, and a tray divider to organize your baking sheets.

Your “prep zone” should be close to your sink and trash, and should include storage for your knives, colanders, spices, etc. Add a trash rollout to conceal the trash can and a spice rack to organize your spices.

Are you a coffee drinker? Then a coffee bar would be a great workstation to consider.

If you love cooking and entertaining, you might consider investing in a Galley Workstation. The Galley Workstation allows you to prep, cook, serve, entertain and clean up all in one space! Want to learn more about this amazing feature? French’s Cabinet Gallery, LLC is an authorized Galley dealer and we would love to share the benefits of this system with you.

entertain station#2 Rethink Kitchen Seating

As the “heart of the home,” the warmth and enticing smells of the kitchen often draw a crowd. A large island with barstools gives your guests a great place to sit and keep you company while you put the finishing touches on the holiday meal!

#3 Glass Cabinets for Ease of Use

While you’re busy basting the turkey, let your guests grab what they need without you. Glass-front cabinets make it easy to find which cabinet has the coffee cups and which cabinet has the highball glasses. Not only are glass-front kitchen cabinets convenient; they can also lighten up a space with their reflective properties or internal cabinet lights. Plus they’re a great place to display seasonal decorative items to make your kitchen more festive!

Let’s Design Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Our team at French’s Cabinet Gallery, LLC can help you design your dream kitchen with holiday entertaining in mind. Call now to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced cabinet designers: 615-371-8385.

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