Pinkerton Park

This week, we have explored the City of Franklin’s Master Park Plan Draft. First, we covered what Franklin residents want in parks and proposed new parks. We also looked at proposed improvements for the currents parks, with a focus on Jim Warren Park along with Harlinsdale Farm.  Within the improvements, it calls for a departure of the Franklin Cowboys from Jim Warren park along with more connectivity of trails betweens parks. 

In this article, we take a look at the four goals the City of Franklin has for the park system.


1. Achieve 12 acres per 1,000 population, with a balance of active and passive parks distributed as equitably as possible throughout the city.

“Our vision for park land, historic properties, and trails is to maintain a high-quality, diverse and balanced park system that makes all parks, trails and historic sites a place of civic pride that supports healthy and active lifestyles for people of all ages.”

2. Determine what core programs will be developed and managed by Franklin Parks in the most cost- effective manner.

“Our vision for programming is to reach out to people of all ages to encourage them to experience Franklin Parks through well- designed programs that create lifetime users.”

3. Develop a program plan with the County and determine how much indoor facility space is needed, as well as location, and how to fund the development of these facilities in the most cost- effective manner.

“Our vision for indoor and outdoor recreation facilities is to provide spaces that support the program needs of the City, in partnership with Williamson County, to build social, fitness, environmental and sports opportunities for people of all ages.”

4. Implement funding sources to support the operational needs of the Department based on community expectations and determine the right staffing levels based on the ‘right person, for the right job, with the right skill set, for the right pay’ to achieve the outcomes desired by the City Council and residents.

“Our vision for operations, financing and staffing is to ensure the proper level of care for managing the system is in place for the safety of patrons and visitors to the parks and recreation facilities.”

Parks Plans Calls for Cowboys Departure