4 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Tennis Shoes

Fleet Feet

Shoes matter, especially your athletic shoes. Whether you are running, doing a CrossFit class or playing tennis, having the correct shoe for you is important. Grabbing a pair of tennis shoes that have been hiding in the back of the closet may serve the purpose as function but long term, these shoes can cause injury. Here are four mistakes that are often made when purchasing athletic shoes. 

Activity Doesn’t Match Shoe

If you are running on trails or doing an indoor fitness class, the shoe you choose for both activities should not be the same. Be sure you have the correct shoes for the correct activity.

Doesn’t Provide Enough Support

It is often easy to buy a shoe based on design or price. But in the end you need to buy shoes that supports your feet which is different for everyone.  If you are a runner, you may be a runner who supinates-  foot insufficiently rolls inward upon landing, or maybe you overpronate -where the foot rolls inward beyond the ideal percentage upon landing. In both cases, a different shoe is needed to support the foot.

You Don’t Buy New Shoes Often Enough

Mileage matters.Shoes often breakdown in cushion and support while the outside looks in good condition. The midsole is first to wear down which can cause knee pain, shin splints or aching feet. General rule of thumb is to replace your shoes every 300 miles.

You Don’t Consult a Professional

It can be overwhelming when looking at new shoes. There are so many choices and you also may be unaware of how you run. Locally, Fleet Feet Brentwood is an ideal place to go to find the right pair of shoes, because they will do an assessment of your feet by measuring your foot, watching you walk, discussing your fitness regimen and more.

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